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My name is Harry Carrigan and welcome to my portfolio.



A brief introduction into who I am.

About me

Hi there, I'm an 18 year old developer (aspiring programmer) and I create things I and hopefully some others find useful. I'm a student at MKCollege. I've been coding for 2 years. I started coding when I wanted a site to host various GSC files (code files for the Call Of Duty Franchise), I then discovered HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (with quite a lot of help from a good friend)


A website to monitor every website I maintain including this website itself. If you can't access any of my sites check here:


Latest projects

Some of my latest projects


Simple Error Pages with a nice design. An all in one replacement better than multiple-custom error pages and better than the ugly default ones.


My portfolio. You're currently viewing this.


GitHub Profile Picture Grabber (Perfect for portfolios).


A very quick and simple HTTP monitoring Python script

More projects

I have even more projects on my GitHub account.



Need to contact me? No problem. Here is my contact information.

Email (Primary):
[email protected]

Email (MKCollege):
[email protected]

May take a few days to reply, usually 2-3 days.